Global best-selling author and top official on innovation in the Administration of President Barack Obama

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Alec Ross is one of the world’s leading experts on innovation. He has been an entrepreneur, served for four years as Senior Advisor for Innovation to the Secretary of State, and advised President Obama on the intersection of technology and geopolitics during his first presidential campaign.

Ross’ best-selling book The Industries of the Future explores the technological and economic trends and developments that will shape the next decade, from cybersecurity and big data to the commercialization of genomics to the code-ification of money, markets and trust. Since its publication in February of 2016, it has been published in 24 languages.

The next ten years are going to be even more disruptive than the last ten. What are the industries and innovations that are going to shake the marketplace? Drawing on his New York Times best-seller The Industries of the Future and his experience in government and industry, Alec Ross describes the next big drivers of change from artificial intelligence and robotics to cybersecurity and cybercrime. Ross describes the changes which are going to impact our future, for good and ill, and the geographic and cultural contexts out of which they are emerging.

Ross discusses innovation, automation, and education in tomorrow’s economy, focusing on several key questions: How will increased automation impact the labor market in the United States and around the world? What should companies and entire industries be doing to benefit from the growing power of artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning while safeguarding the interests of American workers? How should we think about educating our children and retraining our employees to ensure that they can compete and succeed in tomorrow’s economy? Having confronted these issues during his tenure in government and in his global best-seller Industries of the Future, Ross frames the issues that will be at the forefront of the national and global conversation over the next several years, and offers practical ideas and inspiration focused on ensuring that growth fueled by innovation will benefit our companies and workers.

Among recent recognitions:

·      U.S. Department of State Distinguished Honor Award

·      Oxford University Internet & Society Award

·      Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine

·      TriBeCa Film Festival Book of the Year Award


Innovation, Automation, and Education in Tomorrow’s Economy

Foreseeing the next wave of marketplace opportunities, risks and disruptions

10 innovations that will change all of our lives in the next 10 years

Futureproofing Our Children: Parenting and Leading in a Changing World

Understanding the Changing Geopolitics of our Networked World

Managing large-scale innovation

The road forward for Europe and the USA

Cyber Crime & Cyber War – your industry on the battlefield

Today’s University Students, Imagining and Inventing the Future 

Alec Ross is a partner at Amplo, a global venture capital firm and a Visiting Professor in the public policy faculty at King’s College London. He is the author of the global bestseller The Industries of the Future. The Industries of the Future explores the technological and economic trends and developments that will shape the next ten years and provides the geopolitical, cultural, and generational contexts out of which they are emerging. The work has been translated into 24 languages and been a best-seller on 4 continents.

He sits on the board of directors or advisors for companies in the fields of technology, finance, education, human capital and cybersecurity.

He has served as a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins University and as a Senior Fellow at the Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs.

Global Best Seller The Industries of the Future, published in 24 languages


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